Comparing Recognising Details In Cosmetic Acupuncture Alicante

Apr 15, 2018  
Cosmetic Acupuncture

In fact, studies have shown that cupping significantly improved acne cases compared to more conventional methods . Similar to other Eastern medicine practices like gua sha , Goldstein and others trained in facial cupping move the cup in rows from the base of the neck up to ensure the lymphatic fluid can easily drain out. Then, they work their way up to the forehead, with the cups moving from the center of the face out to sides, following the drainage path down the neck. “When you slide the cups, there are certain patterns and directions that you want to use in order to promote lymph flow, and force it to the primary lymph nodes, which are at the base of the clavicle towards the center of your breastbone,” she explains. “You’re going to bring everything out to the side of your face and down the sternocleidomastoid muscle, which is that big [neck] muscle that turns your neck from side to side...that’s where the major lymph drainage portals are.” This movement, in turn, promises to help reduce puffiness (especially during allergy season , according to Goldstein) and tighten skin for a “lifted and sculpted” look. “That’s going to give you rosy cheeks; it’s going to give you a nice, bright complexion,” she says. Also, Pekar added, “When we create better flow, we can guide nutrients to the surface of the skin, reenergizing and refreshing it.” In fact, Goldstein often compares the treatment to giving your skin a real workout for those tight and toned results. “It’s like taking your face to the gym. So you have to work the muscles and train the tissue,” she says.

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